Early Childhood

As I had previously stated, I was born on September 2nd, 2002. I had a pretty great childhood. My very first friend was a girl named (let’s call her Mary). Mary and I were neighbors and loved to play dress up and other girly childish things. We liked to pretend to be popstars and watch Barbie movies, just like every other little girl. 
Also in our neighborhood lived my mom’s best friend and her two kids, let’s call them Max and Ally. Max was two years older than me and Ally, two years younger. Max, my brother Eddie, and I liked to play Wonder Pets. Being the bossy child I was and also the fact that I was the only girl there always made me the duck in Wonder Pets. I loved the duck and I would always over dramatically play the damsel in distress. 

I remember my room, which had pink and white striped walls and was pretty big. I miss that room. Which brings me up to my next memory… When I was around five my family moved. We didn’t move far, we just moved around ten minutes away because my mom was pregnant with my sister and our old house wasn’t big enough for five people. 

For some reason, the people who used to own our house left a lot of fake lemons on the ground when we came to visit for the first time. When we finally moved in, there was a girl my age standing at the end of the driveway. Her name will be Sarah. She asked if I wanted to play and Sarah and I instantaneously became friends. 

Counting Sarah, I had five great friends in my neighborhood. There names will be Sally, Sherry, Ashley, and Monica. Ashley and Sally were sisters and same with Monica and Sarah. Ashley was two years older than me, but we were very good friends. Monica and Ashley were best friends because they were the same age. Ashley, Sally, Sarah and I were the same age. 

As a group we did a lot of fun things together. Once Sally and I got an old camera phone and we made videos, that were extremely weird, but we thought that they were absolutely hilarious. 

We would often play school or house. Another favorite was Cheetah Girls. We, of course, we’re bossy little girls, but we did have a lot of fun. 

As a child I also got to go on many vacations. My favorite was Maryland which we had visited twice. 

I always loved traveling. I love going on airplanes and exploring the strange land. In Maryland we got to go on a pirate ship simulation. We were given pirate names. Mine was Jumpin’ Jellyfish or something like that. On the pirate ship you were able to pretend to fire cannons and you got to dress like a pirate. I loved every second of it. 

We also got to go on the beach. I love searching for seashells. As I was searching I stepped on something pointy in the sand. I had just hit the jackpot in seashells! These seashells were giant and I was so proud of myself. 

I just adored the beach. My cousins and I also came up with this weird game where we were people who would signal each other by shouting while patting our hand on our mouths like some kind of strange war cry. Don’t ask me what we were thinking when we did that because chances are, we really weren’t thinking. 

When I was a young child I did this “Get your Baby Ready for School” class or something like that with my future best friend uhh… June. All you really did there were hearing tests and seeing tests while the parents all talked about their child.  My favorite part was going outside on the giant playground at the end of the day. I only got to play on the playground on special days because my mom thought I was too small to play on that playground. I felt so accomplished every time I got to play on it. 

My very early years were very laid back and fun. I loved my childhood, but pretty soon it was time for me to head to jail or as the people who force us to go to this dreadful place call it… School!



Call me Josie. Some years ago… (Snore)

Hello, I am Josie (insert last name.) I am fourteen years old, born on September 2nd, 2002, and this is my autobiography. 

I know, I know, you probably already hate me. You have to be thinking, How narcissistic must a girl be if they are already writing an autobiography at age fourteen? The answer, very narcissistic. 

I’m kidding, I’m kidding. I’m not THAT self centered. It’s not like the universe revolves around me… Just the World. 

Truthfully I’m writing this autobiography to get my opinions out there. As a kid, it is impossible to get your opinions across or to be taken seriously, believe me, I’ve tried.  Also, I’m very bored at the moment so why not write a brief couple of essays about the history of my life so far. 

I love writing, it’s the one place where a person can truly be themselves. You don’t need to be good at it and it is very soothing. I write with I’m angry to make myself calm and I write when I’m happy and vividly express my ecstatic feelings. I write about what happened that day, I write short stories and poems, and I even write movie scripts, a long story that will be explained. 

I know that my autobiography will not be that interesting because I haven’t fallen in love, I lived in the same place my whole life, I’ve never faced any true problems, I’ve even had the same group of friends for my whole life! (Which I am thankful for because they are amazing and loyal friends.)

I’m not really expecting people to read this, which is fine. One day when I’m rich and famous I’ll publish this blog and everyone will love it, there’s that narcissism you know and love! 

Now without further adu… The history of my life!