Jail or as Some Call it… School

Being fourteen I’ve spent a lot of time at school. Ok, ok, I’m  over exaggerating (only a little) when I compare school to jail. I mean jail has better food. I’m kidding…

School’s had its ups and downs and this article might be a bit biased considering the fact that I’ve been at the same school for more than eight years. What I mean by that is I’m bored. Eight years at the same place is a bit much. What makes things worse is my best friend Abby has the most interesting life and then there’s me, struggling to keep my life sounding interesting. 

In my first couple years of school I had genuine fun. Back then there were no worries and the school day basically consisted of free choice, nap time, and art projects. June and I liked to play Hannah Montana, but we argued over who was Lily, Hannah’s best friend, June usually won that one. We also liked to play princesses and fought over what guy that agreed to play with us was our prince, I usually won that one. 

I even remember my first crush in preschool. I actually started crying because he and his friends got to have a sleepover at the school and I couldn’t. Keep in mind, I was a preschooler. 

In kindergarten I met three new friends who became my new best friends for a while. I dub thee Maria, Lily, and Max. There were these fairy books that we were OBSESSED with that we would play everyday at recess. Of course we were different fairies everyday. My personal favorites were Molly the Goldfish fairy and Amber the Orange fairy. 

Going into first grade, Lily and I were still best friends, but not so much Maria and Max. Lily and I thought we were the toughest girls ever. We thought we could beat up any person who came out way. We thought we were like the next Dwayne Johnson or something. Now I know that I am certainly not tough or athletic in anyway. I mean, I will cry if you flick me, but back then I thought I was the strongest kid ever and I guess as a kid you were allowed to think that you were better than the invention of toilet paper. 

I also wanted to be a vampire when I was in first grade. That was the time the Twilight franchise has just begun, and though I had never seen Twilight, I still always heard people say how awesome vampires are. I also loved these books called My Sister’s a Vampire. The main character’s name was Ivy and I actually told people that I would legally change my name to Ivy when I turned eighteen. 

All we played at recess was vampires. I actually would find two miles on my wrist or on my neck and think that I would finally turn into a vampire. I know, I was an insane little girl, but by third grade I had overcome that. 

During third grade I was in the smart kids group. My best friend were Lily and a girl name uh… Ally. We were all in the smart kid group. The whole class was split in half. I was pretty proud to be in the smart kid group though. 

Now in fourth grade I wasn’t in a class with Lily and Ally anymore. In fourth grade I became friends with June once again. Over the years June had become really great friends with this girl named, how about Claire. Claire and I hit it off and suddenly Claire, June, and I were like the three musketeers. 

In fourth grade, I’ll sadly admit to the fact that I was kind of a snob. I thought I was gorgeous, popular, and better than everyone else. Now I know that I’m not better than anyone else, but in fourth grade I thought I was. 

Fourth grade was the time that Kendamas were popular. I needed a Kendama, but by the time I got one they weren’t even cool anymore! I hate it when this happens! It’s a conspiracy! 

By fifth grade I was already aching for a difference. I could not wait for middle school! 

A highlight of fifth grade was the Expert Project. I fancied myself in expert in stop motion movie making (I really wasn’t) so I did my project on that. The project was so fun because I was able to dress up like Stephen Spielberg and hand out popcorn. My mom helped me make a fake beard and we handed out popcorn in those boxes you get from the movie theatre. That was one of my best fifth grade memories. 

In Middle School our class would combine with another school. I had no clue what would happen, but I expected my school to be at least somewhat different. Truthfully it wasn’t very different at all. 

To be completely honest I hated the beginning of sixth grade so much. I felt left out and just never really happy. I felt like the group of friends I was in was always third wheeling me. 

During sixth grade I got to go on a small vacation to a place called ELC. Now in this place we weren’t allowed technology or anything. It was actually quite fun. My favorite part was acting as if there was a zombie apocalypse by playing infected in the woods. It was defiantly the highlight of ELC. I also got to rock climb AND do a ropes course blindfolded. Yep, me, Josie, is apparently a ninja. 

Other than that, most of my sixth grade was a mess. One day I decide I was going to be confident and make a difference. I started hanging out with a new group of friends who were very nice. After I started hanging out with these girls sixth grade became fun and I actually liked going to school again! 

We did all sorts of fun things together. It was funny because I had known these girls all my life, June was one of them, but I had never really hug out with them before. 

One time we trekked through the woods and came across a small grave stone. On it was the name George. We knew it was a pet, but we decided to make it a lizard. It was really funny because we vlogged it all for our failed attempt at a YouTube channel. George became an inside joke that we all shared. George the lizard. 

Seventh grade was the year I first got into make up. Claire and I went to a make up consultant who told us how to do our make up. I loved make up so much more than I ever thought I would. Also, this was the year I actually started thinking about high schools. I was pretty sure I had mine picked and I can’t wait! 

Seventh grade flew by because I had my close group of friends with me. All the girls in our class are friends because there are only nine of us. 

I am now in eight grade and eagerly awaiting highschool. Middle school was not a big enough switch for me and I am so bored of the same old building, teachers, and all. I mean I’ve had some good teachers, but we don’t switch every year. I can’t wait for highschool! (This will probably be a phrase I will regret typing.)


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