Highschool Musical (Hopefully)

I have always been in love with the notion of highschool. I guess the Highschool Musical movies are to blame for that. My idea of highschool is kids singing on tables, guys who are as cute, nice, and sweet as Troy Bolton, and no actual classes just singing and dancing. Of course I now realize that highschool isn’t all singing (Just 99% of it is) and I’m fine with that. Even without the singing highschool sounds completely amazing to me. 

Here is a helpful metaphor to describe how I’m feeling. More than eight years ago I entered a long dark cave. I’ve been walking this dark cave ever since, but a couple of months ago something strange happened. I saw a light. The light is warm and bright and joyous, unlike this cold dark abyss I had been walking for years. Every step I take the light gets larger, but it still is a while a way and I don’t know if I will have enough food, energy, or emotional strength to survive the next couple of months of walking towards the light. 

You see, the cave represents my school, which if a fine school I’ve just been in one place too long, and the light represents highschool, or something different and new, but I don’t know if I will be able to make it through the next months of middle school leading up to highschool. 

Ever since I the first Highschool Musical came out I’ve been literally obsessed with highschool. I couldn’t wait for eighth grade because in eighth grade you got to choose a highschool. Little did I know that eighth grade would be the most boring year of my life. It’s like I’m trapped in and endless night before Christmas. The anticipation and excitement is there, but the actually event never happens! 

I basically have the highschool I want to go to figured out. I’ve been to every open house for that highschool, circled all the scholarships I had to write essays for to get in, plan out all the extracurriculars I will do that the highschool offers, worried about placement tests for that highschool, and shadowed that highschool. I am ready! Just take me now highschool! Please! Pretty please with a cherry on top???

I am not the only one feeling this way. I am almost 100% sure that all of my friends are feeling this way as well. I mean, it is nice to be in a small school wear you know everyone, but I feel more suited for a bigger school environment. There will be more surprises because I can’t know everybody in the school so I will make new friends every year. Classes will change, teachers will change, nothing will be set in stone and I won’t get bored. 

I’ve all ready imagined a lot of different highschool scenarios. Highschool Josie has an amazing life. She’s on the dance team and is actually ok despite only doing dance like once, she’s in mock trials as a lawyer, she does a lot of fun service projects, she is very in shape from cross country, she is in every honors class (other than science:p), she loves to attend football games with her friends, she gets along with every teacher, and she lives a life filled with drama and intrigue. 

I know I’ve set the standards way too high, but hey, a girl can dream. In these dreams highschool Josie also has a really cute and sweet boyfriend who does all sorts of sweet things for her. She also went homecoming dress shopping with all of her highschool friends. I’m sorry, you are probably once again thinking I am insane, but what can I say? I am just ready for highschool. 


One thought on “Highschool Musical (Hopefully)

  1. If anyone is out there I’d like to tell you that I’m going to post often sometimes and other time not so often. What I’m saying is that there isn’t a posting schedule. So yeah. I guess I also just wanted a comment on this thing.


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