Please, Be Yourself

I am pleading, begging, imploring you to please be yourself. In all complete honesty this is an especially challenging thing to fully accomplish. If one does the slightest, almost unnoticeable thing in order to heighten one’s self in the eye of their acquaintance, such as chuckling at a farce one did not truly find particularly funny, is one being true and honest with one’s self? Another illustration of this is whence one writes in order to awe others by writing in unusually formal tone. One’s goal is to extract the originality out of their piece de resistance, but I ask you, dear reader, can something be a masterpiece if it has no originality?

Many among men have tried to concentrate the originality out of my work, but none among men have succeeded. I shall never let them succeed, for I, Josephine, am completely and totally original!

Wow, you almost fell asleep, right? I found myself drifting off a few times while writing this. See this, is how I would write if I did not want to be true to myself, in other words, this is how I have to write whenever I’m writing a papar. See, this blog is the only place I can write what I want to write, how I want to write it. That’s a tongue twister. I can crack jokes if I’d like, (I guess I wouldn’t really call them jokes. They’re more of my pathetic jabs at comedy) I can write in any tone I’d like, I can relate to my posts, I can make them personal, I could even write a story if I’d like. No one could judge me for making the essay personal or for having a few measly mistakes. I know that it doesn’t always get you a good grade to write in the style that your expierence creates, but try your hardest to keep a tiny bit of yourself in any essay that you write in order to keep it true to yourself or your beliefs or your opinions.

Don’t try to pretend to be something your not, that’s what I’m trying to say with this analogy that probably only pertained to me. I know what it’s like to feel like you have to fit in and do what everyone else thinks is cool. Let me tell you something, one definition of cool is, “not affected by strong feelings,” so don’t let what other people say affect you. You do you! Be yourself.

You are probably very annoyed with me. I mean, be yourself is phrase recited millions of times. I’ve heard it millions of times, you’ve heard it millions of times, we all have! It’s sort of lost it’s meaning because it is now sometimes used as a lecture. Please take this to your heart because I do not to intend this to be a lecture and I  will not put this out there and then critisize you for being true to yourself. If you’re a girl and you’re amazing at sports, but the guys are all mean to you about it, don’t let that hold you back. Join every sports team that you desire. If you’re a guy who loves fasion well then hit me up, cause I need help, oh and also, don’t let anyone be rude to you because you’re talented and you love what you do! Don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t amazing because you are amazing. No matter what you write, what you’re good at, what you believe, you are amazing and the best version of you is, well, you. So, please, be yourself.

Stay Gold,


I hope you don’t mind me posting something that is more serious. I know that this isn’t really an autobiography, it’s more of a memoir, I just can’t change the website name. 😉


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