My Wishes for the Future

I have many different plans for the future. I have huge expectations for the future Josie to fulfill. My main goal is to basically live a life with no regrets. I want to see everything and make the most of my time on Earth. Isn’t that all anyone wants to do? While I have goals, I also have wishes that are more of a dream that will not happen. I will not get into my goals at the moment, as this is an essay about my wishes for the future.

“Only the diamond in the rough may enter!” A giant cave, shaped like a lion’s head, bellowed at me. “Um… Yeah, you asked for the diamond in the rough and I am a total diamond! I am like The Great Star of Africa times ten!” I exclaim, flipping my hair and stepping forward. “Take only the lamp!” The cave hollers. “Whatever.” I say, entering the cave. I look around an think to myself, Why can’t I take all of these amazing jewels? I don’t want a lamp! I want all of this gold!  I reach out and almost grab a sparkling gold necklace until I remember that scene from Mummy where that guy gets crushed in the pyramid. That movie freaked me out!

After a while of walking and resisting temptation to grab gold, I finally spot what I’ve been looking for. The lamp! I excitedly run up to it. Maybe there’s an actually diamond inside. That would explain why the guy said diamond in the rough!, I think to myself. I eagerly grab it and examine the lamp. Much to my dismay, it was just an ordinary lamp. “Stupid lamp.” I said out loud, throwing the lamp on the floor in frustration. Suddenly blue smoke filled the room. Outside of the lamp came a genie. “Of course! The genie in the lamp cliche!” I exclaimed. The genie looked offended. “Umm… excuse me! I am not a “cliche”! I am 100% original.” The genie scoffed. “Um… Tell that to every story a genie is in.” I told the genie. “Touche.” The genie said, raising an eyebrow and crossing it’s arms. “What are you doing here genie?” I asked. “Uhh… I don’t know, I’m preaching about the end of the World. What do you think I’m doing here? I’m a genie! Genies grant wishes!” The genie exclaimed. “Oh, well then, I wish I had a million wishes!” I wished. “You can’t do that.” The genie told me. I was not settling for that excuse. “I wish I could do that.” I wished again. “No, no, no, no! Their are rules!” The genie shouted. “I wish there-” I started, but the genie cut me off. “Please, just make three wishes.” The genie pleaded. “Ok, fine.” I said, “Here are my wishes…”

I hope you liked my introduction for this essay. Anyways let’s get to my top three future wishes, not goals.

My first wish is a defiantly unrealistic. My wish would to one day be an actress on SNL, like Aidy Bryant or Kate McKinnon. I know that this will never happen, but it would be a dream come true to at least even get the chance to host SNL. Sadly I am not anywhere near funny enough or confident enough to ever be on SNL. As I’ve mentioned before, I am awfully shy, and I probably would be horrible at stand-up and impressions, but this is one of my wishes. I’d have a better chance of being elected president (Which is actually one of my goals, so vote for Josie 😉 ) than ever ending up on SNL. Maybe when I’m president I’ll be asked to host or even better, maybe someone will do an impression  of me!

My second wish for my future is to go to space. This one is really reaching for the stars. 😉 See what I did there? You know, because stars are in space! I crack myself up. Anyways, this one is also very near impossible because I have no desire of ever becoming an astronaut. I don’t want visiting space to be my job. I just want to visit space once. Unless I become a trillionare who lost her childhood fear of space, this will not happen.

My third wish would be to win the Nobel Peace Prize for literature perhaps. You can probably see why these are all in the wish category and not my actual goals. Winning this prize would be another dream come true or I guess, wish come true. I have no doubt in my mind that this will not happen unless I am the luckiest person alive. Well, I suppose it could happen if I work for it.

I wish (“Ummm… Excuse me! I SAID ONLY THREE WISHES!” Genie exclaims) I had an actual genie to grant these wishes.(“Am I not an actual genie?” Genie asks, offended.) You know, maybe I shouldn’t  cross these things out. They really could happen if I’m willing to try my hardest to accomplish them.

Stay Gold,



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