Josie Uncensored

Over the course of my life, I have held many and I mean MANY diaries. I even have a poetry journal from my super awkward personality years. Throughout my life I feel that I have tried out many different personas and I hope that these many diary entries show how different I was throughout my many years filled with awkwardness.
To be completely honest, some of the entries will be altered a small bit, just to change names, but other than that they will be the same. Now without further adu… My diaries😳 (I’m scared)

(My many diaries…)

Teusday February 5, 2013

OMG! In science today we learned what kind of fingerprints we had, here’s what mine looked like.

I had the same prints for my Right hand. We almost have Valintines day. I have high hops and hop (he who shall not be named😉) gets me a special card! 😊 (I actually drew a smiley face, this was my Dork Diaries phase) I really hope he does but he probebly won’t

(Insert super embarrassing picture I drew that I will not show for it is way too embarrassing!!!)

POP! (That was my dream bubble pooping, I know that this will not happen🙁

Well anyway we made Valintine Day mailboxes. There big hearts that we wove. There actually pretty cool!😀 We made the same thing in 1st or 2nd grade.

After school today I had drama. At drama the grossest thing BTW the show I’m in is piretes my name is purple Prelude. Piretes is about piretes in a sing compatishen when a stowaway sneaks on board. When they go to the contest the king gets Laringutis and can’t sing. Then they find out the stowaway is a good singer. He becomes a pirete. Then they meet Mermaids who teach them how to dance. Weird right!😀

Well the gross thing that happend is my nail fell off.

After Drama I had Drama in the Piretes I’m Blue Baritone. (To clarify, I was in two versions of this play at the same time.) We ran through the hole show. Then for dinner I had hotdogs.

(A song I wrote in fourth grade. I actually thought this was good…)

What is in the sky? Why can’t we fly? Sometimes I watch the clouds go by and sometimes I wonder why? Refrain: Why oh why can’t we fly? Why can’t we see the sky? (I mean, what were you thinking young me??? Of course we can see the sky, I think I met to say touch the sky. It just goes on after that for three more verses that I won’t bore you with.)

And now, some poetry I wrote in sixth grade. I’m so strange.

There are witches and pumpkins. There are ghosts and pets. On Halloween there are people as munchkins. Wait do I see people dressed as toilets?

The weirdest thing is, I didn’t even write this on Halloween. I wrote it on Easter. And now, another one…

The footsteps are faint. The color is brown. The walls are covered in paint. Eddie is a clown. What will we do? The time is now. My clothes are new. We all say wow. So lend me your hand. Your head is too small. The beach has sand. You are too tall. I hope you fall. Give me a call. 😏😂

That one was extremely strange. I was just a total weirdo in sixth grade. I’ll admit it.

Now some excerpts from one of my favorite diaries…

(From my school talent show)

The hamster dance went really well. They even started clapping to the rythem. And by “They” I mean the audience. My hamster costume didn’t look like the one I drew (reference to earlier entry). It was more like this.

Me, Lana, and Katie started on stage while the other 5th graders snuck in. Then Me, Lana, and Katie stayed on stage while the 5th graders pulled the rest of our group onstage. My favorite part of the dance is at the end when everybody falls down because the dance takes a lot of energy. The 2nd graders are the last people standing. Then all the second graders fall down except for my sister Adele. She starts doing her own little dance. Then she takes her sunglasses off and looks around. Adele pretends to notice that everyone is down on the floor. Then she just sits down and lays on the ground.

(This was the diary of the summer going into Middle School. The talent show is the last day of school.)

In the end of that last diary I made an acknowledgement section as well as quotes from the New York Times and People Magazines. I even added in a copyright sign. Some of those previously mentioned quotes include… “Hillarously awesome.”-New York Times and “Love this book.”-People Magazine. I was very full of myself before I entered middle school.

There’s a lot more of entries to share, but I tried to do an entry or two per diary. I have more diaries, but I feel as if those are too recent for me to share. (I have about three from 7th grade.) I will conclude this entry with a poem.

Stay Gold,


The king is bathing in his stew. He loses his left show.                                                         Ka-Blam (That was the sound of this blog ending.)


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