I’m Basically Tina Belcher

“I can honestly say you’re on my mind 24/7.”                                                                              – Some Random Pinterest User

As an awkward teenage girl I can inform you very truthfully that I have had many and I mean MANY crushes. I’m like Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers boy crazy. (If you’re a fan, you know that is saying a lot!) 

I guess it is probably normal for me to have crushes, but it is also unfair. To keep my self-esteem intact, let’s just say that if life were Les Misérables, I’d be Eponine. Every single time I’d be Eponine. 

I am also terrible at reading anything anybody says to me. I can tell if guys are flirting with my friends, but me? No way. I will probably always guess wrong. I’m one of those annoying people who will mistake a wave for flirting. You probably hate me now. 

It would be impossible for me to count the crushes I’ve had over the years because I’ve had so many! I hate the awkward stage so much! 

On top of the everyday crushes, you also have your celebrity crushes. Do not even get me started on Lin-Manul Miranda! I know, I’m just an average teenager with a crush on Lin-Manuel. What can I say? The guy is a genius! Then there is Daveed Diggs, Leslie Odom Jr., Anthony Ramos, and like every other guy in Hamilton. Hey, I told you that I was obsessed.

My first crush was all the way back in preschool. I remember that he and two of his friends got to stay after school and I threw a tantrum because my mom wouldn’t let me stay after school. I was an insane little drama queen even back then. 

I’ve also had crushes on like every book character ever. The thing about me though, is that I usually never like the main character if I have a crush on someone in the book I’m reading. I usually like the supporting characters. In Harry Potter, I didn’t like Harry Potter, I liked Fred Weasley and Severus Snape. I didn’t like Snape until the sixth book, but I eventually did. 

I feel like I have gone completely nerd on you so I will take a moment to chill out before I contin- Oh! I just got a snapchat from my crush! I’m sorry I have to go! 

Stay Gold, 


P.S Sorry that one was so short, but I’m tired so goodnight.)


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