The True Confessions of a Night Owl

I am a very horrible sleeper. I’m a total night owl. (I’m writing this to you at 11:03 p.m. Wait! Make that 11:04.) I have an overactive brain that, for some reason, is totally against me getting any sleep. Why brain? You know that you need sleep to function so let me sleep!

My brain has decided that instead of sleep that it would be more fun for me to think of completely random things at two in the morning. From reciting lyrics in my head to trying to understand the paradox which is infinity, my stupid brain finds ways to keep me from getting any sleep. 

Am I the only one who thinks the most random things at night? Hopefully not. It actually gets so bad that I have to take melatonin for my overactive brain that probably drank way too much coffee. The worst is when there is something exciting happening the next day. I will come up with different outcomes of the upcoming event and think about them! It is horrible. The rest of me is just like, “Brain, shut up, we’re trying to sleep!” But my brain insists on being annoying!

I usually just end up reading or writing at two in the morning after giving up all hope of actually getting to sleep. This works on the weekends because I love sleeping in, but it is horrible on school days. I’ve actually been getting better at sleeping. The melatonin seems to finally be working. My normal falling asleep time is 11 to 11:30. I turn my light out at 10:30. I make up for lost energy with coffee. Yes, I know that this routine is horrible for me, but what can I do? 

I am in love with coffee. It is my savior, without it I would be asleep all day. 

My new found love for coffe also created a new pet peeve for me to deal with. I absolutely hate it when people consider themselves to be avid coffee drinkers when in reality they are only drinking the Starbucks featured drinks. Don’t get me wrong, those drinks are delicious, but they are more creamer than coffee! This makes me a hypocrite considering the fact that I used to do this all the time, but now it annoys me so much! Those people should call themselves creamer drinkers, not coffee drinkers! 

You are probably irratated with me for wasting a while paragtaph complaining about mundane problems, but I can’t be the only coffee drinker that thinks that. I am proud to say I drink coffee like a Gilmore so it annoys me when others don’t and say they do. (Ok, I wasted two paragraphs on something that makes me sound so shallow.😔)

I wish school started later for me so I could stay up past midnight and still get a substantial amount of sleep, but alas, it does not. I just feel as if I have so much to do at night. I can read and write. I think my night owl ways are partly caused by the fact that I am also a huge procrastinator, but I can’t help the way my personality is built, I guess I could, but that would take too much time. Besides, I like the way that I am and I love coffee so what can I do? As long as my brain keeps thinking, I will keep on staying up late. 

Stay gold,



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