The Many Rants of Josie

As humans, when we get angry, we have the tendency to rant, to vent our inner frustrations out to those we trust. We make companions out of those who have similar rants to ours and than rant the same things to each other. My friend and I always rant to each other. I actually am pretty sure that our rants are the reason that we are such good friends. That and the fact that we both love theater, Hamilton, music, and make-up. Most of  the time I don’t have anyone to rant to so I write my frustrations and inner mot feelings down, hence this blog. Anyways, I will now list the things that I, and most other people, rant about.

School: Now this one is just plain obvious and pretty self explanitory. Student gets a lot of homework, student gets stressed out and doesn’t finesh all of their homework because they actually want to sleep, student doesn’t finesh homework or does a bad job and gets in trouble with teacher, finally, student finds trusted friend and just vents. This isn’t really the case in my life, but it has happened before. It mainly is just the stress that gets to you. It’s unfair really. I’m a whole other person in the Summer. Well rested, energetic, generally happy, and pleasent to be around. By the second month of school I have undergone a complete transformation. Sleep deprived, jittery from coffee, moody, and wearing two different socks. That is me at the moment. I can’t wait for Summer.

Dress Code: I don’t know if I should have paired this with school or not, but anyways, my school’s dress code makes me so angry! We have uniforms at my school which is fine, but the out of uniform days is when the dress codes become enforced.One thing about our dress code that is completely unfair AND still enforced with uniforms is the rule that your leggings, which we can only wear under a skirt, cannot show your ancle if you’re wearing tennis shoes or flats. What is this? The 1900s? Another thing that bothers me is the fact that you cannot wear leggings unless you have something covering your butt. Everyday, as soon as I get home from school, I slip into leggings. I live in leggings because they are comfortable unlike jeans or skirts. I don’t know who I’m offending by wearing leggings, but for some reason they are not allowed.

My Pathetic Excuse of a Love Life: Crushes can be very annoying! Can they just go away? I will probably be forever single because I doubt anyone I like will ever like me back so I will forever have that to rant about.

Politics: This is big around election time especially because most of my teachers are liberal, which is fine, I mean I do believe in some democratic veiw point, but you don’t have to try and imprint your beliefs on me and insist that this isn’t what you’re trying to do. As I have previously stated, I am a very conservative thinker so I was very angry when everyone was saying that Hillary was going to when and I am still angry now because people are demanding a recount and all. Donald Trump as ALREADY done some good for our country, save jobs, and he isn’t even president yet! Can’t people just accept him?

Friendship Drama: Even though I am an overly dramatic person, I don’t like friendship drama. Some drama can spice up an otherwise mundane lf, but friendship drama is  just stupid. Usually I am not involved in any friendship drama, but at the moment, two of my best friends are arguing with each other. There is some obvious tension and they want me to take their side on things! It just makes me feel so uncomfortable because I’m not going to choose between my friends, I couldn’t ever do that and the thing that sort of really pushed this drama over the edge was the subject of Trouble in River City so thanks for that school.

Sycophants: This is something that completely bothers me that I only rant to my journal about because I’m pretty sure that I am the only person in my class who knows what the word sycophant means. I just hate it when people act like another person just to gain popularity! Sure, I sometimes try to be popular too, but I try not to let popularity be something I think about. I wouldn’t join something or say something or act like I like something in order to be popular! Just be yourself!

My Sleep Troubles: I have joked around about my sleep troubles, but sometimes I just get fed up with trying to fall asleep! I just want to be able to fall asleep right away! Can my brain just have an off switch? Is that too much to ask for?

I feel like if I talk about the things I rant about anymore, I will blow a gasket! I was actually somewhat relaxed before I started writing this and now I just want to punch someone! UGH!

Stay Gold,



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