I’m a True Narcissist


I’m not going to lie to you, I can be very egotistical and I always love being the center of attention around people I know, I’m shy around new people. I’m also very dramatic, I’m one of those annoying people that likes to create drama. I can’t help it! I covet the lives of people in the books I read and the tv shows I watch. I wish that I had all of that interesting stuff going on in my life and I wish my life wasn’t this routine pattern that I’ve been forced into, so I create drama out of small things- meaning- I have crushes, I love secrets (I know, I’m horrible), and I covet the spotlight at all times.

I’ve gotten pretty good at managing these bad habits, but I am talkative which isn’t always a good thing. I usually get yelled at in class for talking, but I can’t help it, I have too many things racing through my head at once, i.e. the political meaning of 1984, what I had for lunch, dresses from Francesca, make up, Pam and Jim FINALLY getting together in The Office, etc… I know, I’m a very complex person.

Sometimes my Chatty Cathy nature makes me sound highly narcissistic, one reason being the fact that I am and the other being the fact that when I babble on I’m usually babbling about myself. I mean, I can’t help this. We as humans like to talk about things that we know, and who do we know better than ourselves? We don’t like to be wrong and when talking about ourselves we aren’t wrong.

I’m actually good about not telling my friends secrets- it’s mine I can’t hold in. “Hey guys! I’m Josie! I have a crush on CENSORED, CENSORED, and CENSORED. Did you know I had a secret blog called mysecretautobiography.wordpress.com? You should follow it! Don’t tell anyone though!!! It’s secret!!!” The strange girl with no eyebrows and a pale face screamed while surrounded by strangers in the middle of the mall.

I’m exaggerating of course, but my friends know literally everything about me… I’m trying to get better! I really am! To prove this to you, will tell you something secret. I have a crush on a guy and I’ve only hinted at it to three people! I haven’t even told them! I just hinted! Last year everyone knew who I had a crush on, but this year it’s different… The only problem is the fact that one of my best friends has a crush perhaps even stronger than mine on the same guy! Oy vey! Of course I’m going to be an Angelika Schuyler about handling the whole thing. Even if the guy did like me back, which is highly unlikely, I would have to say I didn’t like him. This is why I hate crushes.

I guess I make up for my constant talking of myself by the fact that I can listen and the fact that I am constantly laughed at. I’m not bullied or anything, I’m just a huge klutz who is not offended when people tease her, to her face that is, and will openly poke fun at herself. I don’t consider being laughed at a punishment and take laughter very lightly, I mean that just mean more attention, right?

I know, I’m horrible, I’m going to just end this blog post here before I write so much that my house gets mobbed.

Stay gold,



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