My Christmas Presents (As if I wasn’t Spoiled Enough Already…)

I am obsessed with Christmas! Back when I was younger I wanted nothing more than to meet the real Santa Claus. I once asked Santa for reindeer food that would be able to make me fly… I never got that… I also would ask Santa to be my pen pal and would always argue with anyone who claimed he wasn’t real. Even though I am older now, I still love Christmas. I love buying people presents, opening presents, the snow, decorating the tree, and every other thing Christmas has to offer. 

I debated on whether or not to do a “Christmas Haul” on my blog, it makes me sound even more basic, but I’m doing it anyways cause I love all of my presents so here goes. 

The first thing I received this Christmas was the book The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath and I have already finessed it. It was very good, but it sort of my me feel uneasy. The book was very dark and it sort of scared me and I feel horrible for anyone going through what Ester through, no one should be “inside the bell jar” as Ester puts it. 

The second thing I got for Christmas was the book The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. I have no clue what to expect, but the book looks really interesting. It was on Rory Glimore’s reading list so I asked for it (The Bell Jar was as well). I can’t wait to read it. 

The third thing I received was the book Angela’s Ashes. This one was also on Rory’s reading list (I know, I know, I’m a bit too upset with Gilmore Girls.) It looks really interesting and my mom told me she really liked it so I can’t wait to read that one also. 

The fourth Christmas Present I got was the book The Cursed Child. I’ve read the entire Harry Pottor series so I cannot wait to see what happens! I’m probably going to start reading it tonight or tomorrow. 

The fifth present I got this Christmas was a shirt that has my favorite Gilmore Girls’ quote, “I smell snow.” It is an adorable shirt     and I’m obsessed with it. 

The sixth thing I received was the Hamilton piano book!!! I cannot wait to learn how to play some Hamilton songs because just singing along to the soundtrack is not enough for me. 

The seventh thing I was gifted with this Christmas was the Benefit Soft and Natural Brow kit meaning that my brow game has just been upped. Watch out Cara Delevigne, I’m a’comin (with gorgeous brows I might add) to knock you off your brow throne! Kidding, I could never even think about having brows that perfect. 

The eighth thing I got was Benefit’s They’re Real, Sexy on th Run. It’s their lash and liner kit and I am so excited to use it! 

The ninth thing I was given was the Sip by Swell water bottle which I really needed. I’m very picky about the water bottle I’m using and since I had no water bottles that were suitable for me to drink from😂, I was becoming the Onceler, destroying the environment with my insane water bottle usage, so now I have my Lorax. Thank you for saving the environment Sip by Swell. 

The tenth thing I had been gifted this Christmas was an Athleta sports bra, socks, and a 100 dollar Lulu Lemon gift card. I’m throwing these three things together because I got them in the same box and socks don’t deserve their on paragraph. 

The eleventh thing I received was this cute little box that has My Bucket List inscribed on the top of it. I needed this because I now have a cute way to store my bucket list. 

The twelfth thing I got this Christmas was A Year In French Calender. I think it teaches you a new French word everyday, which I love because I am obsessed with all things French. 

The twelfth thing I received was a 25 dollar Sephora gift card, which is great because I really need a new lipstick. 

The thirteenth thing I got this Christmas was a very nice planner. My mom and I received matching ones. I really needed a good planner because it is hard to keep track of assignments. 

The fourteenth thing I got this Christmas was this thing called this little thing called a Tweexy. It holds your nail polish while you paint your nails. 

The fifteenth thing I got this Christmas was a ticket to Wicked! My whole family got tickets and I am so excited to see it a second time. Wicked is the show that first got me into musical theater. If had never seen Wicked, I have no clue who I’d  be today.

The sixteenth thing I was given this Christmas is a gift card to our local nail salon. My sister, my mom, and I get to got get our nails done and I cannot wait!

The seventeenth thing I received this Christmas was a new phone case from my brother. I’m using it right now and it is a really cute phone case. I’m talkin’ blue, faux leather, ya’ know, the usual. I have seen too many gangster films. 

The eighteenth thing I got this Christmas was a Sonos speaker so I can finally listen to music in my room! My dad set it up today and I now my whole neighborhood will be treated to Hamilton. 

The nineteenth thing I was given this Christmas was the Dandelion Blush by Benefit. I love benefit too much. 

The final thing I got this Christmas was the bed head by Tigi shampoo and conditioner set. 

Well, that’s what I got, I hope you all had an amazing Christmas!

Stay Gold,



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