The Highlights of 2016

This 2016 has been a very, well honestly, uneventful year. I mean, things have happened, but nothing that has really changed my life. Truthfully my life is pretty boring, or at least I think so and I’m pretty sure that if there was a literal chronicled novel of my life so far, a novel about the things that I have deemed too boring to write about in my blog, no one would read it. My life certainly isn’t like Winston Smith’s or Holden Caulfield’s or Elizabeth Bennet’s, although everyday I wish my life were more interesting and more novel worthy, but it’s just not. I know, I’m probably making you really uncomfortable.

Anyways, I’m going to try to enter a more optimistic tone while reminiscing about my year. Here I shall list the best parts of my uneventful, yet generally upbeat 2016. (I will be releasing the low lights right after I release this.)

The first highlight of my 2016 was when I was in the 80s inspired show Fame Jr. at my local theater. I played Lambchops, a tough rebel with thick skin. I know, the complete opposite of me who cries when someone flicks them. On the second to last weekend of the show or so, I completely lost my voice! I couldn’t talk at all. To be honest, I loved the attention. Everyone wanted to make sure I was okay, but I did have to lose my solo. I began the show so my friend had to sing while I mouthed the words. I lost all of my lines as well. I literally could not talk! It was a fun show though, I got to attempt to dance, even though I probably looked horrible. I can’t dance for the life of me.

The second highlight 2016 was ski club. Ski club is the best thing my school has to offer. It’s basically hanging out with your friends every Friday night. You eat junk food and test your bravery on the slopes. I absolutely love it and I’m not even that great of a skier. Once June was going crazy for some reason, probably because she was jacked up on sugar, and she fell down and split her snowpants. Then she went all crazy singing, “I’m a bunny!” while putting her ski poles on her head, imitating bunny ears. She and my other friend “fell” off the ski lift, it was only a two foot fall, but they got in huge trouble! They didn’t think they did anything wrong because they had seen others jump off. They were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. It happened so long ago that it is now just a funny anecdote June could tell if she wanted too. I hope she’s not mad at me for putting this in here…

The third highlight of my 2016 was going to Chicago and Pittsburgh this Summer. I love deep dish pizza. No city is as beautifully intriguing to me as Chicago is. It has the Bean which is in the gorgeous Mellianium Park, it has its towering sky scrapers, it has all of its history, and a diverse group of people. I love it so much and I got to scratch visiting the Bean a second time off my bucket list. I can’t wait to go back to Chicago a third time to see Hamilton. I’m am so excited.

The fourth highlight of my 2016 was June and I’s 80s Themed Birthday Bash. We have birthdays that are very close to each other so we decided to have one party for the both of us. We had everyone dress up as if it were the 80s and it was just so much fun! We made all of the decorations ourselves and my house was transformed! I love the 80s, everything was so bright and vibrant, it was America’s experimental decade. 

The fifth, and final, highlight of my 2016 was Christmas. Who doesn’t love Christmas. I am one of those dreadful people who believes Christmas begins on November 1st. I love the snow, how happy everyone is, giving others presents for Secret Santa, I love the music, and everything else the season has to offer. Although, I’m still waiting for my kiss under the Mistletoe (like that’ll ever happen😂)

As I have previously stated, I didn’t like 2016 very much and I am very much looking forward to 2017. 

Stay gold,




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