The Low Lights of 2016

Let’s be real, 2016 was not that great, for anyone. Whether it was the election or all of the horrible terrorist acts or anything else, 2016 is a year that a lot of us would like to forget. I know that I’m conservative and I’m not complaining that Trump won, in my eyes he was better than Hillary, it’s just how people were so touchy this year about everything. I know that it’s not my place to tell people what they should and should not get offended by, but do people have to get offended by every little thing?

Hey, this is the low lights, I can be rude and pessimistic.

Anyways, without further adu, the worst parts of my 2016!

The first low light I have for you is the talent show. I do not know what I was thinking, okay, I did know what I was thinking. I was thinking that the talent show would go great and my “band” would become famous. Allow me to shed some light on the subject… During the beginning of my seventh grade year I decided to form a band with my friends Skyler and Bell (odd names, right?) which we named The Compass Roses. I played guitar, Bell played the ukulele, and Skyler played the piano. We had the stupid idea to sign up for our school’s end of the year talent show. I have no idea what we were thinking. Our “band” did horrible. Hey! It wasn’t entirely our faults!  The set up people put a mic on Bell and I which meant you couldn’t hear Skyler, who is probably the best singer of all of us. I made a lot of mistakes as did the Bell and Skyler. It sounded it horrible. While walking back to our spot on the bleachers, Skyler and I were sure we heard a little kid shout, “You’re bad!” One of the lowest points in my life.

The second low light of my 2016 (viewer discretion advised) was when I got this weird rash on the spot where my arm bends as well has where my leg bends. It was disgusting and quite itchy! I had to go to the dermatologist which scared me. I still am very childish so I thought the rash meant skin cancer or something. I was so scared. I had to live with the embarrassment of that horrible rash for three or four weeks. People were nice about it though, which is good.

The third low light of my 2016 was when my youngest brother Jimmy got stitches the day before my birthday. I remember this like it was yesterday. The day had been pretty good. I got to hang out with Bell all day and we went to my school’s open house together. We were standing outside in my school’s playground with Eddie and his seventh grade friend when Jimmy stumbles up to me using two kids to assist him walking. I was so shocked. “Are you joking?” I asked. The blood looked fake to me. “Where did you get fake blood?” I asked, scared. Jimmy fell to the ground. “It’s going to be okay… It’s going to be okay…” I didn’t know if I was saying this to myself or Jimmy, it was probably the both of us. I told Jimmy to lie on his back. I knew I saw something somewhere that said that you should have someone lie on their back when they’re bleeding so they don’t lose too much blood. Don’t criticize me if I’m wrong about that, I ain’t no doctor! “Eddie, take off your shirt!” I barked. I thought I could wrap the shirt around the wound, then I thought, Eddie won’t give up his shirt for my brother, I know, I have low expectations. I told Bell to go get my parents, I ordered Eddie’s friend to go get paper towels. My parents came and Jimmy was fine, although, I had to spend like three hours in a hospital room cringing while Jimmy got stitches. I hate blood and stuff. I know, everything has to be about me.

My fourth low light was during the election time when everyone was against Trump. I didn’t like him very much, but he was way better than Hillary. So many people would rant about Trump to me and I would try not to offend them and just say, “Well both of the candidates are bad this year.” Something I could say because it truly was my opinion.It just made me so mad how people were using, “Oh, you’re voting for Trump!” as an insult. I don’t take it as an insult (I might sound like a super arrogant person right now, feel free to punch your computer) I take it as a compliment.

My fifth and final low light is also the subject of Trouble in River City. I’ve cooled off since then. If you want to know what this low light is then read Trouble in River City because I don’t feel like writing it again.

All in all, 2016 was just a negative year. I will not miss it. Boy bye!

Stay Gold,



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