I Hate You, I Love You (Photo Edition)

I have a love/hate relationship with photos. On the one hand, I see people posting all of these artsy photos on Instagram and I’m always thinking to myself, I should take a photo like that. On the other hand, I am the least photogenic person ever. 

Being the true narcissist that I am, I absolutely love being in photos and I always expect them to turn out perfectly, but they never do. I am being serious when I say that I had to throw my first school picture away (I got retakes) because it qualified as something that would be in an R rated horror movie. 

I’m fine in real life, but my photos will not testify to that. The only way I ever look good in a photo is if it’s a snapchat selfie with two filters on it, and even then I have to be wearing a lot of make up to pull that off! Also, I would never send, or put my filter selfies on Instagram because I’d think that everyone would judge me and label me as the “insecure girl who wants everyone to like her and compliment her, so she uses filters.” Even though the people closest to me know this is true, my followers shouldn’t know this. Ok, I know I just told the whole internet this, but who reads my blog posts?

My younger brother is the most photogenic person ever, and then there’s me. This is really not fair because he doesn’t even like to take photos! All of my siblings are actually pretty photogenic. My mom has our school pictures lined up in this frame, and they all look pretty good, that is all, but mine. 

When I manage to take one good natural photo, I freak out! I always show everyone, like “Guys, look at this! Look how good I look, like seriously!” 
The worst is when you’re are staring at yourself in the mirror like a young, female, Gaston and are just thinking, Look at me! My make up is perfect, my hair is perfect, I am just a queen right now! And you decide that this moment must be saved so you pull out your phone to take a selfie and all of a sudden you look horrible!

I have no clue what I ever did to cameras. I do not know why they hate me. Do they dislike my personality? Are they jealous of me? That’s probably it, they’re jealous. (That was a attempt at a joke by the way, I’m way more egotistical than that.)

Cameras, I’m sorry for whatever I did to you, but do you have to be so rude. It’s just so heartbreaking when you try to recreate photos that you thought were really cool and then all of a sudden find yourself looking horrible! I just hope we can find some way to make up so I can look better in photos. 

Stay Gold,


(P.S. Sorry for another short one today, I have to go to a friends soon.)


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