20 Facts About Me

Due to my intense desire to always talk about myself, I am a very candid person. It doesn’t take much to get to know me and I can’t keep a secret about myself for long. I guess I probably come off as somewhat dumb and superficial, I promise I’m not. See, what people don’t know is that I’m like an onion,  because onions have layers and I have layers. I don’t know why I’m contradicting myself right now. I also don’t know what kind of intro this was. I promise that I was going somewhere, but I forgot where so let’s just get into it.

Fact #1: My favorite movie is the Usual Suspects.

Fact #2: My personality type is an ENFP, just like Micheal Scott. (I know, I’m actually proud of that)

Fact #3: I have a Jack Russell named Patch.

Fact #4: I have a hamster named Scout.

Fact #5: I am a vegetarian and I made that choice because I wanted to test myself to see if I could last the whole year. I’m really just seeing how strong my willpower is.

Fact #6: Whenever I’m sad I listen to Paul Anka and dance around my house.

Fact #7: I have a huge celebrity crush on Dave Franco. Come on, who doesn’t?

Fact #8: My favorite foods are Fercassia bread, pizza, zebra cakes, cutie oranges, and tilapia.

Fact #9: My favorite song before Hamilton was Piano Man by Billy Joel.

Fact #10: I’m only putting this on my blog because I saw this thing on Pinterest that was like “Posts to Write When You are Out of Ideas.”

Fact #11: The last movie I watched was Nerve, hence the Dave Franco obsession.

Fact #12: My favorite seasons are Fall, Summer, and Winter. Sorry Spring, you give me allergies and you’re boring.

Fact #13: I have been in over 20 theatre productions and have only been the lead in one (I played an ugly slime monster so yay). I think that shows how talented I am.

Fact #14: My favorite books are The Alchemist and The Catcher in the Rye. I’ve read both twice and I want to read The Alchemist again, but I don’t own it.

Fact #15: I’ve had three cringey YouTube channels. I’m an embarrassment to the Internet.

Fact #16: I’ve lived in three houses all within ten minutes of each other.

Fact #17: My favorite color is periwinkle probably.

Fact #18: My eyes are greenish blue, which annoys me because there is no song about a girl with greenish blue eyes!

Fact #19: I play guitar and piano and also take voice lessons.

Fact #20: I am extremely ticklish.

You probably know some of these facts already, but some may surprise you. Probably not. Well, it was nice talking to you. Bye.

Stay Gold,



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