Queen of Embarrassment

Being the extraordinarily awkward person that I am, I am bound to have a lot of embarrassing moments in my life. Embarrassing moments are the worst during the moments after they happen, but after a while you become grateful for that moment because it’s a funny anecdote that you can share.

I feel embarrassed like 64% of my day (precise, am I right). It is one of my main emotions. One thing I hate is that my cheeks turn bright red when I’m embarresed because of how pale I am, making me more embarresed because I know my red cheeks will let others know I’m embarrassed.
My most embarrassing moment happened at my state’s fair. I get to go there every Summer with my school. It is always the most fun field trip of the school year mainly because of how much independence you get (I’m sorry that I don’t like teachers watching me like a hawk every second), but also because of the rides. Anyways, my friends and I were all stopping to go the bath room in those gross fair bathrooms, and I went into the stall closest to the wall. Ugh, I’m cringing while reciting this story to you!!! I sat down and started to go to the bath room, minding my own business, thinking about the rides I will go on and all that. I flushed the toilet, pulled my shorts up, looked and realized the door was opened the whole time! My bathroom door was open while I was going, in a crowded bathroom! I was so embarresed! I ran out of the stall and this lady looked at me oddly. I was probably bright red. I washed my hands and got out of there as fast as I could. My friends all thought it was really funny, okay, I admit it, it was, but still! I was highly embarresed!

Another very embarrassing moment for me happened when I was in fourth grade or something. My friend and I were at a park for our soccer party and at this particular park there happened to be a skate park. We did what any rational fourth grader would do, and started sliding on the ramp that was meant for skate boards. We were having so much fun, just sliding away on the skate park when disaster struck! My shorts got caught on this nail while I was sliding, ripping them all over the back! The worst thing is that the nail cut through my underwear too! I’m pretty sure I did what any rational fourth grader would do, and started crying! I basically had no pants! It was another moment in my life that I would be fine forgetting.

Another embarresing moment for me was when I broke my school chrome book. At my school we each have a chrome book. Anyways, I was taking a spelling test and I fineshed so I shut my chrome book at put it away. I went and joined my friends in a game of Risk. Suddenly my teacher asked the whole class who broke a chrome book. I slowly realized that it was my chrome book! I had shut my chrome book on my headphone, cracking the screen! I was so nervous, but it was fine. My teacher realized it was an accident and I wasn’t in trouble or anything. My friends gave me a hard time about it though. It is pretty funny I have to admit.

Along with those, I just have my normal embarresing moments that happen throughout the day, such as tripping, saying something I thought would be funny, but actually wasn’t, my eyebrows, answering a question wrong, the usual.

Embarrassment is a thing I couldn’t live without. What funny stories would I tell people when I first meet them so they like me and think I have a laid back personality?

Stay Gold,


(Sorry for a short post, I’m once agin tired)


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