My Nemesis

Believe it or not, I do have a nemesis. Sure, they might not be a person, but they are still extremely evil! I have been trying to battle them, but they have such a pretty desguise. Who is this dreadful nemesis, you may wonder? Perhaps I am once again talking about my school or perhaps my eyebrows. No! My nemesis is far worse! My nemesis is… My expectation.

Sorry for the extremely dramatic intro.😂

As a teenager, I can already tell that my biggest problem in life will be my expectations. I always set the bar really high for every single thing I do. 

I have a tendency to fantasize things way too much. I spend to much time thinking about what could be and less time be grateful for what I have. My goal is to break this tendency, but when I try I set my expectations too low and expect that nothing with ever go correctly in life. 

I will just have to try to be more realistic I suppose. I’m just too imaginative to be realistic so that is really hard to attempt to do!!! Am I alone in this?

My worst fear is never being able to settle for anything because I will always feel like there is more out there. 

(I admit it, I just saw Pippin😂, still it made me legitimately scared and contemplative!)

Sorry Abby, I know you wanted a long post and this is not long at all, but this topic is hard to draw on into a long essay so…

Stay gold, 



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