My Dream Date, First Kiss, and Guy❤️

If a guy even gets close to this I will be the happiest girl ever!

I am a sucker romance… And money, let’s not forget money.🤑 Just kidding. Anyways, like any romcom obsessed teenage girl, I’ve thought of my first date, first kiss, meetcute, and all of that cheesy love stuff going perfectly. Considering the fact that I’ve never even been complimented by a boy (just kidding, I have, but by none I like) my dates will never happen and if they do, it won’t be for a long time.

Anyways, since it’s almost Valentines Day, I’m going to do some love related posts, despite never being in a relationship in my life! Yay!

My Perfect Date

Let’s start with my perfect date…

We met while I was exploring France. He knew that I haven’t really seen the city. He asked me where I was staying the night before and the next morning he picks me up on a Vespa.

He takes me to a nice pastry shop in France for breakfast. He then shows me all of his favorite places in Paris. We see a mime and get a picture painted of us. Oh, remember, there has to be some music playing in the background as we travel throughout Paris. Some sort of montage I guess. What’s love without a montage?

Anyways, we’d end our perfect day, with a candlelit and moonlit dinner on the top of his apartment building that has the perfect view of the Eiffel Tower. We are eating some delicious French cuisine that he cooked himself. Some French music is playing in the backround. Once we are done eating, he would extend his hand to me and say, “Voulez-vous danser?” with that beautiful French accent of his. Considering the fact that I am a major geek and have searched those words to write on my blog thirteen years ago, I will know that he said, “Would you care to dance?” 

I, of course, say yes, and we dance the night away with the moon shining down on us!

Is that not the most romantic thing ever?

Of course I’m old enough to know that that’s not real romance. That’s like the romance the luckiest few find. That’s like John Legend and Chrissy Tiegen romance. But, let’s be real, are they not the cutest couple? I need a John Legend!

First Kiss

I haven’t had my first kiss yet (Does fantasizing it count?). Believe me, you would know if I had my first kiss because I would come on here, create a blog post titled “First Kiss Fiasco” (Knowing me, it will probably be a fiasco. As much as I would like that blog post to be titled “First Kiss Fantasy” or even better “First Kiss Dave Franco”, it will most certainly be a fiasco) and write like 900 words on  why it was fiasco. Even though I expect it to be a disaster, that doesn’t stop me from envisioning my first kiss to be perfect and romantic.

It would be in high school, maybe even my  first year. We would go to the dance together. Before the dance we brought a candle and a red tablecloth to Culver’s and made a fancy Culver’s dinner. (Thanks for the idea, you know who you are.) We would eat ButterBurgers and have a great time laughing about stupid things and our shared awkwardness. We’d probably not dance very much at the dance because we both suck at dancing. We’d have one slow dance though. And at the end of the slow dance, he’d say some cheesy one liner and kiss me!

It would be so perfect and out friends would all take pictures!

I know, I’m such a romantic!

My Perfect Guy

Like every other teenage girl, I’ve imagined my perfect guy. He would be a bit taller than me, ideally would have brown hair and also blue eyes. He would play the guitar like a regular Shawn Mendes (Not that I would ever date Shawn Mendes… Just a look a like, he’s all yours Bell.) He would have nice eyebrows and a chiseled jawline. He would be healthy, but not so buff that he can rip off his shirt by flexing his arms, I don’t want my perfect guy to rip his shirt everytime he flexes. (That was supposed to be a joke.) He would be hilarious and amazing at romantic gestures. He would have to have a great singing voice and occasionally write me a song. He would have to be patient, but impatient about the same things I am. He wouldn’t be one of those over-protective guys who get jealous easily, despite how jealous I will probably get. He will have a good sense of style and never wear joggers or tank-tops. That’s fine if you’re into that kind of thing, but not for me.

So, if you know anyone like that, tell them that there’s a 14 year old girl who is single and ready to mingle!

Stay Gold,



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