Some Gossip from my Life

Ok, so recently some stuff has been happening with my friend, and being the drama obsessed, Cosmopolitan reading, rom-com watching teen I am, it’d be a sin not to let you in on it. 

Ok, so this girl in my class, one of my best friends in fact, is very into video games, something I like, but am no good at, and something that attracts guys a lot. 

Anyway, she plays with these two guys in my class who are best friends with each other. Anyways, at ski club, this guy confided in me and June that he had a huge crush on my friend… My poor unassuming friend, just trying to hang out with the guys. 

He actually really liked her though. Like genuine attraction which made things even sadder because I know that the attraction was not mutual, for my friend had confided in me that she liked this guys best friend, to make matters like ten times worse! I swear, SHE gets a love triangle and not ME? *sighs* how is that fair? Thanks life!

Anyways, I was just like “You’re in Middle School, it’s not like you guys are going to date. Middle School relationships never work out.” I said this because I didn’t want to tell him the truth which was, “sorry, she’s not into you, she’s into your best friend.” I thought that that would be a little cruel. 

Anyway, he was dead panned on giving my friends a Valentines Day gift, an expensive one nonetheless. I tried my hardest to convince not to do it (and I can be pretty persuasive) , but alas! He was lovestruck. 

My friend accepted the gift as something her friend got her. Realizing he was STILL in the friend zone, he asked her to see a movie. She said, “Yes, but as friends.”

Ok now, here’s where things get interesting. You know the guy’s best friend, the guy who my friend liked?!? Well he asked my friend to be HIS Valentine. Well obviously my friend is doing something right! She said “Ok” and the first guy thought she was joking about it. He thought that they were dating each other. I don’t know how he came to that reasoning, but he did. 

It’s now become this whole thing. Personally I’m on team (name of guy she likes) because they both like each other. Also, it’s unfair because she keeps getting all this free stuff from the guys! She basically controls them! Thank God it wasn’t me who was in that position, I’d definitely abuse my power. Anyways, that’s all I have for now, I’ll catch you up on things later. 

Stay Gold,



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