The Notebook

Just saw the saddest thing ever. I can’t, it’s just so sad and this is basically a drunken from tears posts and I’m not thinking bout straight because it’s so sad! (I’m not actually drunk that was a figure of speech.)

Why Nicholas Sparks? Why???? Imagine people actually going through that situation. He read that book to her everyday just for five minutes with his truest love. I’m sorry I can’t… I just can’t! They were heiebwujsbeusjebeisxamt I jail can’t it was so sad! This just just explains how I’m feeling  crying rn I just can’t it’s was so sad and anybody who laughs me because I I’m crying is mean it was so sadnfubrhrhrhrbrvdbsjsjanwbebebebebddbfbbfbdnfj en.  What about my grandparents?????? I hate my life it’s so sad because of this movie and I just wanna be happy but this movie is making me really sad and Abby’s crying too and it’s making me cry even more and wouldn’t be able to watch it again and I can’t I’m just sad stay gold,



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