A Diary Entry

I really didn’t know what to write today so I decided to just write about my day today… I mean, why not? So, here we go!

Dear Diary,

Today was fine, I guess. I mean, I didn’t have coffee this morning, which is always horrible! I had a headache! And I fell asleep in three of my classes because of this problem.

Anyways, it was my good friend’s birthday today so I gave her reeses peanut butter cups and a pack of trident gum. I also posted a happy birthday thing on my Instagram as well as my Snapchat.

I will not lie, I was a force to be reckoned with this morning. I was sleep deprived and hadn’t got my shot of energy (coffee) this morning. Seriously, my body decided that the only way that I will ever be able to stay awake is if I have coffee in me! I wasn’t even trying to fall asleep! At least not in Math because I was trying to learn so I could understand it, but I kept on drifting off! We weren’t even learning a boring lesson that morning! It was giving me a headache to keep my eyes open because my eyelids were so heavy!

I was probably a bit rude to some of my friends because of my conditions. I was snappy all day, like a chiwauwaa. (what?!?)

Lunch today was bad because my mom didn’t pack me a spoon or a fork and the stuff my school uses to clean their utensils is simply disgusting so I had to give my salad to my friend Kylie! Thankfully my birthday friend brought in ice cream sandwiches so I didn’t starve to death!

After lunch, we were FORCED to go outside by our teachers, probably because they wanted to stay inside and gossip about us! I didn’t want to go outside! It was sort of cold out and I didn’t have a jacket so I had to put my hands in my shirt for warmth!

When we finally got back in it was time for Music class. We have to choose a song to sing as out eighth grade song. I’m pretty sure we’re going to Livin’ on a Prayer by Bon Jovi! At least that’s the one I’m voting for. I love that song! The class period was pretty fun because we got to listen to a lot of songs and just talk.

Next we had Religion, which was as uneventful as usual.

So, after Religion, Bell, Kylie, and Beyonce were standing outside by the lockers just talking about how the project shouldn’t be so rushed, like any group of friends, when a teacher approached them like, “What are you guys doing? Sounds like you’re gossiping?” Then this other teacher heard and got involved, “Is there a problem here?” Um no… and if there were it wasn’t any of your business! They weren’t even gossiping in the first place! Gossiping is spreading false rumors.

Then that teacher took things a step further and had a “chat” with Bell! It is really unfair of the teachers to keep on torturing her. Don’t they know she’s under enough stress already and you are probably not helping! Poor Bell.

After school I had guitar, which went smoothly, except for the fact that my parents forgot what time they had to pick me up and were an HOUR late! I basically spent this time just walking around town, hauling my guitar behind me.

Later tonight, June, Claire, and I went shopping for Polar Plunge costumes. (Polar plunge is where you jump into a freezing lake.) We are going to be synchronized swimmer. We all got cute one piece swimsuits and swim caps that we will glue flowers on for our costumes! It will be so funny!

Finally, I had voice tonight. I’m very excited because I made this elite recital and have to practice my songs for it!



So that was a day in my life. Hope you enjoyed!

Stay Gold,



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