Let’s Get Political: The Gender Wage Gap

Many things today are greatly exaggerated by the media. Sure, there may be some truth, but things are exaggerated. Let’s take the gender wage gap. According to CNN, women are making 78.6 cents to a mans dollar which costs college educated woman 800,000 dollars in the long run according to pay equity.org. If woman would save so much money for the same job, why would money hungry companies hire men? If a company wanted to save money and women cost less, wouldn’t they just hire women. You may think, Oh, these companies are obviously just sexist, but I don’t think money hungry business sharks really care about a person sex, I think they’re more focused on money. 

Let’s think about how people find this 20 cent wage gap. According to pay-equity.org, in the year 2015 the average income for women was $40,742 and the average income for men was $51,212. This is a quote from the website defending the wage gap that I will proceed to use against them, “Rounding off the figures shows women’s earnings now at 80 percent of men’s…” The article goes on to say that women make a little less than 80 cents for a man’s dollar. 

Does something about that seem a little bit off to you? It sure does to me. They found that statistic through the income, not taking into account the different jobs or different training or extra experience to those holding the jobs. 

According to a Georgetown university survey, used in the Washington Post, the top ten mst high paying jobs at that college were dominated by men, while the lowest paying jobs were dominated by women. I’m not saying that all women are more interested in those lower paying jobs such as psychology, more women hold those jobs than men which is good because we need psychologists. 

In the end though, there still is a gender wage gap. It’s not as big as so-called “reporters” like Buzzfeed make it out to be. (Seriously, it you’re going to get news from somewhere, please don’t get it from this over exaggerated, biased site who all the best people left anyways, not trying to quote Donald Trump or anything, but “Fake news!”) Let’s get back to the fact that there still is a gender wage gap though. It’s not nearly as large, but it’s there and it shouldn’t be. Even if the gender wage gap was 99.9 cents for women and 1.00 dollar for men, it’d still be wrong. (I’m not saying that that’s the wage gap.)

Anyways, I was in an argumentive mood, so there’s some politics! 

Stay Gold,



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