Hello Internet

I’m officially back. I missed you guys if I’m being honest, but my life sort of became too stressful and boring to write blog posts about it, but now my life is back in to the swing of things. So I’ll catch you up…

I graduated!

Im ditching that old stressful school good bye and moving on. My highschool will hopefully be much better and hopefully my highschool dreams will all come true! 

This summer is already off to an amazing start! I made Grease at my local theatre place and it promises to be fun even though I’m just in the ensamble. 

I went to the beach with my friend “June” today. (Still using those fake names) We swam in the lake and worried about swimmers itch. I even got a tan! It truely felt like summer and I can’t wait for even more memories. We then went and got ice cream and walked to my old school to gloat at the K-7th graders that were trapped in school for two more days. We’ll be back and gloating again tommorow at the talent show. I can’t wait!

Okay, this really is nothing but my best friend Abby, you guys know her, was trying to set me up with her friend. Her bases for this is that we’re both her friends. It really doesn’t make sense. 

Speaking of Abby, I think she’s about to get her first kiss tommorow! I know, her life is so much more interesting than mine. You should all read her blog. 

I’m honestly so excited for this summer and since it’s already off to a good start, I can only expect it to be better. I really want to become more confident and happy this summer. And become less stressed, which naturally happens in the summer. I’m very busy, but being busy is fun. 

Summer here I come!

As if I couldn’t be any cheesier.

Stay Gold,