Man, the Girl (Me!) is Non-Stop!

Once upon a time, my mother was driving me to a soccer game. It was a very cold and dreary morning. It was also too early for my mind to function. I was sitting in our car, curled up in a blanket, and half asleep when my life was completely changed. My mom started playing this amazing soundtrack that I had never heard before. The music touched me like no song had ever done before. I asked her what it was and she told me that this incredible music was named Hamilton.

Before Hamilton, rap was foreign to me, but now I wish I had started listening to rap sooner. I loved Hamilton even before I knew the story. When I first started listening to it my mom wasn’t playing the soundtrack in order so I heard Alexander Hamilton followed by You’ll be Back. Keep in mind that I was a complete Hamilton novice at this time. It was especially confusing when George Washington came into play. 


Now I know so much about the life of Alexander Hamilton that I could write a ten page essay on the topic. 

Whenever I’m writing I feel like I’m Alexander Hamilton. When ever I have a crush on someone, but I can’t be with them or they don’t like me back (this is more often the case😂) I feel like Angelika Schuyler. When I lose myself in a daydream about France I feel like Thomas Jefferson. No matter what the circumstance, I can always relate it to Hamilton. 

Right now, my main accomplishment in life is that I can rap all of Guns and Ships. I might not be as good as Daveed Diggs, but I can do it. Don’t believe me? LAFAYETTE! Imtakinthishorsebythereinsmakinredcoatsredderwithbloodstains LAFAYETTE! andimnevergonnastopuntilimakemedropburnemupandscattertheirremainsim LAFAYETTE! watchmeengaginemescapinemenraginemim LAFAYETTE! I go to France for more funds (Lafayette), I come back with more guns… And you know the rest. That wasn’t  even my favorite part of that song. I love it when Marquis de Lafayette says  , “Practical tactical brilliance!” That phrase is just so fun to rap! I love Guns and Ships. I also love Yorktown, My Shot, Washington on Your Side, Dear Theodosia, Wait for it, Aaron Burr, Sir, and every other Hamilton song ever written. 

Who would’ve thought that the next thing I would be obsessed with was the Founding Fathers? 

Let me just say, Hamilton completely changed the meaning of the ten dollar bill to me. I now look at it in awe thinking, this man did so much for our country. Before Hamilton, when I saw the ten dollar bill I just thought, money, money, money. 

Hamilton is really what got me into politics in the first place. My dream of being a politician was sparked by Hamilton. When I get mad I write because of Hamilton. I even got so angry at Hillary Clinton that I had to write my feelings in the form of a letter and send it to her. I’ll count that as my vote because I can’t vote yet. 

My role model right now is Lin-Manuel Miranda. The man is a genius. He’s written two amazing plays. He’s a very inspirational person. 

Now, if you haven’t ever heard of Hamilton, I implore you to go out and listen to it. I guarentee you, you will love it and will soon be able to rap Guns and Ships as well. 

Stay Gold,