Politics through a Teenager’s Eyes

Even though I am young, politics are of huge interest to me and at the moment I am very disappointed in America. Out of the billions of people in America who could’ve made great candidates, we get these two. We get a sexist with a spray tan and criminal who lies her way out of everything.

Seriously, was I the only one who was asking themselves, “Did I accidentally watch the SNL version?” after each of the debates. It doesn’t even seem real! These two individuals, old, enough to be grandparents, are acting as if they were children. I consider this election to be the greatest catch-22 in American history!

When Donald Trump is ahead in the polls, he makes some very offensive racist or sexist comment, which Hillary then uses to play victim, bringing herself back up, but the thing is, as Maureen Dowd said, we only like Hillary when she’s losing, so Donald Trump goes back up, and the cycle continues.

I am very angry that I can’t vote this year. If Hillary becomes president, you will be able to find me sobbing in the bathroom. I may not agree with the way Donald Trump gets his ideas across, but I’m not going to denounce his ideas, because some of them might work. Sure, the wall is a bit unethical, okay, make that very unethical, especially considering that most illegal immigrants come over by plane, but his tax plan is better than Hillary’s. As you might be able to tell, I come from a very conservative family.

I’m not embarrassed to say that if I’d have to choose one, it would be Trump. I just hate it when people use who you’re voting for as an insult. I saw a video on YouTube off a channel that has a lot of celebrity gossip saying, Taylor Swift supports Trump, in a very nasty way. This is America, a land where we have the freedom to choose, so do not insult people for using their right to choose.Unless you’re voting for Hillary Clinton, then there must be something wrong with you! (Kidding.)

I don’t really have that, if we don’t get a girl president now, we’re never going to get one, logic like some people do. I do not want Hillary Clinton to be the first woman president. I’m sure that we will one day get a woman into the white house and I’m sure that she will be an amazing president, not just an mediocre president that is surrounded by loads of controversy, like Hillary Clinton.

I can not wait for this election and the next four years to just be over! I hope whoever is elected president doesn’t spoil my highschool years! I hope that during the next election we have candidates that people can actually stomach. People who will be able to bring America out of the darkness it had been plunged into over the past four years. Thank you America! Goodnight!