Josie’s Travels by Jonathon Swift

St. Augustine once said, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.” A quote that I completely believe in. We have this amazing place filled with many different attractions and I will never be content until I see it all. Every mountain, every city, every statue, all of it!

I’ve actually been lucky enough to to travel to some amazing places. In the Summer before seventh grade I actually got to go to Alaska with a group of other kids my age. I have so many wonderful memories from that trip. Every second in Alaska was a miniature adventure. I met great people and saw gorgeous sights.

In Alaska I made a lot of new friends and ate more candy than a five year old on Halloween. (I know, I make a lot of Halloween comparisons.) Allow me to elaborate on the whole candy thing. We went to a restaurant for dinner. To our delight, it was all you can eat! There were desserts of all shapes and sizes, think Willa Wonka. For dinner I had… Nothing! Who cares about dinner? THERE ARE FREE DESSERTS PEOPLE!!! I had two bowls of jello with whip cream, a soft serve icecream cone, two Cotten candies, and six chocolate covered strawberries. I lost all control. I was like a werewolves with a huge desire for candy, I mean not just me, we all were werewolves!

Of course everyone was crazy after our fancy (pure sugar) dinner. Half of us couldn’t think straight! Some had began sugar crashing while others were still wide awake. When we got back to the hotel we went swimming in order to maybe burn off some of the sugar that we had completely devoured.

Five of the girls and I had a party with some of the candy we had bought earlier. I was just like, “Great! More sugar!” This was more candy than I had ever seen in my lifetime. The party was great and this is now considered one of the best days of my life!

Another one of the anecdotes I had collected from my trip actually happened on the airplane. I had to sit next to two random guys. One,  a young adult who had a Ricky Dillon vibe and the other, a fifty year old man who traveled in order to meet friends he met playing video games.

It was a very awkward experience and it also met that I would be sleep deprived the next morning. How would I possibly get any sleep if these two strangers were sitting next to me? If I fell asleep, my head would most likely end up on “Ricky Dillon’s” shoulder. I did not want this to happen! I had to watch the free movies the plane offers in order to keep myself awake. Eventually I drifted off and luckily my head did not land on Ricky Dillon’s look-a-like’s shoulder, but it did land in the aisle.

Some of  my friends who had woken up before me and witnessed the whole ordeal of me sleeping with my head in the aisle told me that the flight attendants would move my head as they walked through the aisle in order to get through, but apparently my persistent head had liked its spot and kept on falling back into the aisle. What can I say?  I can’t help it if I was unconsciously being a burden for the flight attendants.

In one of my many travels, I actually took to the sea, call me Ishmael, but I loved the ocean. I loved the fresh air, the nice ocean breeze, and of course the free food. Vacations are excuses for us to eat more and the Disney Cruise Line is completely aware of that. All the food was free! (Of course it was paid for as part of the whole cost of the cruise, but through a kid’s eyes it’s free.) There was even an ice cream machine. I would grab ice cream on the way up the stairs, reach the floor I was heading to, and grab ice cream again on the way back down. America everybody!

Our cruise ship stopped in the Bahamas and I was lucky enough to visit the Atlantes Water park.  You know, the one that has all of those commercials. I’ve wanted to go there for so long so I was, of course, excited. Let me just say, the Bahamas and the United State’s definition of safety are two completely different things. The Bahamas lazy river was half lazy river and half rapids! (Which was an incredible experience, though rather terrifying.)

There was a water slide in Atlantes that went through an aquarium so it looked like you were in a shark tank! The best ride of all was named the Abyss. (I know, it does sound horrifying.) One of the cruise workers had challenged us to go on it. My cousins, my siblings, and I were the youngest people in line for the ride with quite a reputation.

In line, we decided to do something called, Our Famous Last Words. As we entered the ride we would scream out something that would be remembered as our “last words”. They would be only a couple of sentences long and they had to be somewhat funny. Some examples include, I’m peeing, I regret nothing, and If I die, find me a husband and tell him I love him. If I remember correctly, mine was… Outfit on fleek!

The Abyss was an exhilarating ride and still the scariest water slide that I’ve ever been on. I’m not exaggerating when I say that if you disobeyed the rules and sat up during the ride, your head would come right off. I loved that ride, but I still could not believe that my eight year old brother had gone on it. Heck, I couldn’t believe that I had gone on it!

The ride exited into a cave area which was very cool. See, this is why I love traveling, you never know what fears you are going to face. Before that, I had a more, let’s just say timid, approach on rides. I had never expected that I would be able to build up enough courage to go on a ride like that, but I did. Now I’ll never have to regret not doing it.

I consider these two travels the biggest vacations in my life so far, but I’m young and there are millions of places I’d like to go. In fact, I’d like to go everywhere, but the top of my list is the beautiful and extravagant Paris, France. Whenever I’m sad, I just imagine myself sitting outside of a French bakery, sipping coffee, eating a croissant, and admiring the Eiffel Tower’s beauty. I’d lean back in my chair, sigh, and whisper to myself with a smile, “C’est la vie.” And when that happens, I know that I shall have a moment where I am completely relaxed while at the same time overjoyed. This moment, that I yearn for at every hour, is at the top of my bucket list.

I cannot wait for my next travels and until then, I will eagerly await them.

Stay Gold,


(I’m thinking about ending all of my posts that way. I am just HORRIBLE at conclusions, so I’ll try it next time as well.)