What Time Is It? Summer Time

It’s official. Summer is my new favorite season. I’ve never been a summer person. Before eighth grade I was the kind of person who said they hated school, but really they loved it. 

This summer has been one for the books though. It’s my summer of ’69. 

Everything about this summer has been a total adventure and I like adventure. I’m not on my phone as much. Even going on Snapchat for less than twenty minutes gets me bored. 

In the school year I was stressed out and tired which led to me feeling sad a lot of the time. Turns out sleep and more free time was the remedy to my extreme eighth grade stress. 

I really want to evaluate myself this summer and try to change and grow up a little more. I’m trying to be more organized and it’s working. My room is still on the verge of disaster, but at least it’s not a disaster. 

My brother got a hermit crab. There’s a hermit crab, a hamster, and a dog living in my house. Personally the dog is my favorite. Patch and I are best friends. Yes, even though I feel happy, my life is pretty sad. 

Jimmy got the crab when we were at Fenwick Island. I want to live their when I’m older. At least in the summer. I got to read on the beach and let the waves knock me over with my brother Eddie. 

I read a lot so far this summer. I read Angela’s Ashes, Firefly Lane, The Glass Castle, and The Spy. I picked up The Spy at the airport because it was by my favorite author Paulo Coelho. Did you know he only writes a book when he sees a white feather? I told myself I’d do the same, but then I saw a white feather and realized I had nothing to write about. 

Angela’s Ashes was really sad. It really makes you thankful for all the things you have. The Glass Castle was like that too. Both were books written by people who had survived poverty. 

Firefly Lane also made me cry. I related to it because it was about two best friends. The pair reminded me of me and my best friends. 

Whew, sorry, I got introspective on you there. 

This Summer I’m also in the show Grease. I think that it may be one of my favorites so far. I love my costumes and the dances I have to do. This is my first teenage show and it is so much fun! Things are more challenging and I’m treated like and adult. (Which doesn’t happen very often when you’re a tiny person who has that whole girl next door vibe like me)

I’ve also been doing more soccer this summer. In doing soccer at my future school and I hope to make JV. I’ve been running a lot to increase my endurance as well. 

I’ve been so happy recently. I feel like this summer is one of the highest highs of my live so far. 

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in forever, but I’ll try to more often because I miss this. 

Stay Gold,


Fun pool party to celebrate the opening weekend of Grease!


Hello Internet

I’m officially back. I missed you guys if I’m being honest, but my life sort of became too stressful and boring to write blog posts about it, but now my life is back in to the swing of things. So I’ll catch you up…

I graduated!

Im ditching that old stressful school good bye and moving on. My highschool will hopefully be much better and hopefully my highschool dreams will all come true! 

This summer is already off to an amazing start! I made Grease at my local theatre place and it promises to be fun even though I’m just in the ensamble. 

I went to the beach with my friend “June” today. (Still using those fake names) We swam in the lake and worried about swimmers itch. I even got a tan! It truely felt like summer and I can’t wait for even more memories. We then went and got ice cream and walked to my old school to gloat at the K-7th graders that were trapped in school for two more days. We’ll be back and gloating again tommorow at the talent show. I can’t wait!

Okay, this really is nothing but my best friend Abby, you guys know her, was trying to set me up with her friend. Her bases for this is that we’re both her friends. It really doesn’t make sense. 

Speaking of Abby, I think she’s about to get her first kiss tommorow! I know, her life is so much more interesting than mine. You should all read her blog. 

I’m honestly so excited for this summer and since it’s already off to a good start, I can only expect it to be better. I really want to become more confident and happy this summer. And become less stressed, which naturally happens in the summer. I’m very busy, but being busy is fun. 

Summer here I come!

As if I couldn’t be any cheesier.

Stay Gold,



My Chicago Trip

I honestly love the city! I love the way the sun shines off the tall buildings, I love the diversity, there are just so many people! I want to live in the city when I’m older.  (New York not Chicago) We arrived late Friday night. We were exhausted after being trapped in a car for eight hours, after all, there are six of us. I had been watching the Netflix the whole drive. 

We arrived at the hotel and met up with my grandparents, Grandma and Pap. Adele and I would sleep in Grandma and Pap’s room with them because there wasnt enough room for all of us in one hotel room. We tried to crash that first night, or at least I tried, Adele passed out right away, but we were sleeping on a pull out couch and the bed springs were pushing in my back. Pap offered to switch with me because he was sleeping in the master bed with Grandma. I felt horrible saying yes, but he insisted. My Grandpa Pap is selfless. 

I slept in that morning. I really needed it. My dad, Adele, and Pap had gone out to get donuts from this really good place called Do Right Donuts, but I couldn’t have any because I had given them up for Lent. I awoke and had a blueberry muffin, oatmeal, fruit, and some horrible hotel coffee. Seriously! It tasted nasty!

Pap and I went for a walk after eating breakfast. I was to eager to get out and enjoy the city to wait for everyone to get dressed so we walked. We looked around for the church we would be going to on city. I swear to God, we could not find it for the life of us! We were using Google maps and still our attempts were fruitless. We gave up and decided to just walk around. When we did that we walked right into it!

Pap found this monument for the company his dad used to work for so he took a picture of it. We were walking around for about in hour, but that was more than enough time for me to fall in love. I was truly in love with the city. It was so perfect, everything about it! I could picture my future in a city. I loved the thought. 

Pap and I walked back and pretty soon we headed out as a family. We headed to Millinium Park and saw the Bean. I love the Bean! It is just so beautiful. We took so many pictures. 

We then continued to walk to Shedd aquarium. Adele and I were doing this weird thing where we talk in British accents whenever we go on vacation. We’re weird like that I guess. It’s funny though because people always look at us weirdly. We do it to get a reaction from a stranger and it usually works. 

We walked by the lake to get to Shedd. In the lake their was a dead bird. It was funny because Eddie pointed at a glove and was like, “Is that a dead bird?” And my mom was like, “Oh yeah! It is!” And Eddie was like, “Nevermind, it’s just a glove.” And my mom was like, “No, that’s defienatly a dead bird.” The thing is, they were looking in two different places. My brother saw the glove on the sidewalk and the dead bird was floating in the water. It was funny. Except for the fact that the bird was dead. 

Anyways, we arrived at Shedd and were all very hungry from the long walk. There was a hotdog stand that was basically calling our name. I got a Chicago veggie dog and it was absolutely delicious, except the hotdog had these really spicy peppers and I can’t handle spicy. I was fine once my mouth cooled down. 

After eating we went to wait in the long line to get into Shedd. We eventually got inside. There were so many sea animals! There were this creepy fish that were transparent and basically looked like floating eyes. It was so creepy! My favorite was the sea otter. It was so cute! He kept on doing all of these little flips! The Dolphins were really pretty too. 

We left Shedd and walked to the Willis Tower. We wanted to go on the sky deck lodge thing, but it was a three hour wait so we decided to head back tommorow, early in the morning, so not many people are there. 

We left Willis tired and hungry. We decided to go eat at the famous Chicago style pizza place Lou Malnatis. Also known as a front for the Illumanti. Just kidding… Or am I. 

We walked through the city, looking at all of the ginormous buildings. I once again felt infatuated. I kept on thinking about living in a city as an adult, either New York or here. I just adore the city. 

We arrived at Lou Malnatis and sat down. Adele and I were bored so we concocted a story about the waiters and waitresses, looking at them and pretending like we knew what was going on in their lives. Our main character was named Dorito. He had a huge crush on Ombre, but was afraid to ask her out. I think Dorito noticed is staring at him because he seemed to get a little weirded out. It was really funny though.

We walked back to the hotel, but Adele, Mom, and I stopped at this giant Sephora on Michigan to get some make up. This really nice lady did my make up. She taught me how to do my eyebrows and gave me Anastasia Brow Powder. It works so well and looks so realistic! I could not thank her enough! 

Adele got a makeover too. She just did this really easy eye look. I’m so jealous of Adeles lashes though! They’re so long! 

We left after getting a lot of products. We then headed back to the hotel and crashed. 

We had to wake up very early that morning to go to church. We had found a very pretty church close to our hotel. It was very hot and stuffy inside though. The priest had a very deep voice which made it hard to understand him, but he seemed like a nice guy. After receiving Communion, Eddie made a funny remark, “Jesus tastes better in Chicago.” It was funny. We then headed back to the hotel and ate breakfast there. 

We got to taxis to take us to Willis early that morning. I feel like our taxi driver took advantage of the fact we were tourists and took the longest route to Willis to get more money because the drive was awfully long and we took all of these weird turns. I didn’t mind too much though. 

Willis hadn’t even opened yet by the time we arrived. It was set to open in 15 minutes and we were one of the first people there so there would be no wait. We played heads up to make the time fly by. I love that game.

Looking down over the city from Willis Tower was one of the coolest things I have ever done. It was so beautiful and a little bit chilling! I thought it would break underneath me! Luckily it didn’t. 

We got many pictures, I’ll include one or two of them in the bottom of this post. 

Next we walked around to Chicago and then went back to the hotel to get ready for Hamilton. I was so excited! I put on my Hamilton shirt and did my hair. Pretty soon my dreams would come true and I would see the best show in the World. 

We took a taxi to the theatre. We went in and my dad had accidentally ordered this suite. We got all this free stuff, like food and drinks. Also we got a personal bathroom which was amazing because everyone had to wait like an hour to go to the bathroom. 

I got an amazing seat. I was the front row of the platform so I could see everything! I started crying of happiness and amazement by the first song. Everyone did amazing, but my favorite characters were Layfayette /Jefferson played by the amazing Chris Lee (I may have stalked his Instagram a little bit) and the King who was so funny! 

At the end of the show, when Burr shot, the bullet moved in slow motion (there wasn’t actually a bullet, Burr shot and this girl pretended to grab the bullet) and on the stage was scenes of Hamilton’s life. I wish I could see it 1,000,000,000,000 more times at least! I loved everything about the show! 

I bought a Hamilton baseball hat as a souvenir. I loved the show so much. Also, the Wayne Brady was our Aaron Burr! I love Wayne Brady so much! He is so funny on Whose Line is it Anyways! There was this one time in the Room Where it Happens where Burr jumps up on this table and then while he’s jumping they pulled the table cloth from underneath him and the table was reflecting him. If that happened to me, I’d trip! 

I don’t even understand how people did the dances! They looked so hard and tiring! I wish I could dance, but sadly I can’t. I’m literally the worst dancer!

I was so sad when we left the theatre. We went to eat at this Italian place. My food was so good, but I was sad because Hamilton was over. We then went to this chocolate place and I got a delicious banana split! It was so good!

We left Chicago the next day! I was devastated! I wanted to stay forever. I left part of me in that city. 

Stay Gold,


This is us sitting in Willis Tower above the city. Can you tell what’s happening in this picture?

Outside of Hamilton. I still miss it!

My Favorite Things

Okay, I’m sorry if this doesn’t make me a good person, but my favorite things do not include “raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens” heck, (I’m not allowed to swear, sorry to disappoint you with my innocence) I’m allergic to cats! I’m sorry Maria and seven children! My favorite things are actually way better than those things in that song. 

I’m only doing material goods. Of course my family is a favorite, but they are not a material that you can hold or use and therefore not on this list. 

Also, I’m really sorry I haven’t posted for awhile. I’m going through my “Socrates phase” and have a lot on my mind like all of this philosophical thoughts. Just a normal part of puberty. 

Anyways, let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start. 

I know, I know, you want me to stop attempting to make jokes from The Sound of Music, but in my defense, you should’ve saw this coming! Did you not read the title?

If you haven’t noticed, I’m very caffeinated at the moment so that’s why I’ve been going of track!

Let’s just get into it!

My first favorite thing is my Every Day: A Five Year Memory Book. My youngest brother Jimmy got it for me two Christmasses ago. It’s a really adorable tiny little notebook that you can write a sentence or two about your day in this little slot. Over the course of five years, if you write in it every night of course, it will fill up. I’m on year two!

My second favorite thing is my They’re Real Lashes mascara from Benefit. As you know, I am a total benebabe and this mascara just makes me feel so good about myself when I wear it! It’s easier to apply than any other mascara I’ve used and it almost always turns out perfectly!

My third favorite thing is my guitar. I would not be able to survive without music! I’m obsessed with playing the guitar and I’m not going to lie, I’m actually pretty not bad! I’m mean, I’m no Jimi Hendrix, but I’m not a beginner. I’d consider myself a novice at the moment. 

My fourth favorite thing is my Lulu Lemon leggings. I actually wear them with everything! One because it looks good with anything because they’re just plain black, two because they make my legs look good, and three because they are the comfiest things! I know they are expensive, but a pair of those is a wise investment because you will live in them! 

My fifth favorite thing is Why Not Me by Mindy Kaling. I’ve read that book about twenty times! It is all I read and I am totally obsessed! I really relate to the book and recommend this to anyone really! It is so great! I love it!

Okay, thanks for reading! Bye! I’ll try to get some restless sleep!

Stay Gold,


The Honors Recital

This weekend I was able to participate in this really cool thing for my voice recital. So, I wouldn’t think of my voice as good, more like manufactured from years of voice lessons. I can sing on pitch, I can sing high notes as well as low notes, my breathing technique is fine, the problem really is with my voice itself. It’s not very good. My technique got me into the recital, not my voice, but I guess I still made it into the recital so if my technique is all I need to make it into the recital and not my voice itself, I can take that.

For the audition you needed to prepare to songs. I prepared this boring aria with no meaning that I can figure out called, “Come and Trip It” to show off my range, because what is the point of singing if you aren’t showing off? And I prepared a song from the hit musical “Les Misarables” (Sorry if I spelled it wrong). The song was “I Dreamed a Dream” I liked “I Dreamed a Dream” better because there was actually more emotion.

The audition was intense. The casting people didn’t say anything to you, they didn’t even smile or say “Thanks for coming!” When you were done singing! It was so nerve-wracking!

When I found out that I had actually MADE the recital I flipped! I had decided not to get my hopes up because I had never made it before. See, whenever I have high hopes they let me down, but when I have low hopes, something good happens, well I guess. Usually something good can’t happen to me without something equally as bad happening. See, the next day I broke my phone and found out that I couldn’t go to this fun school event because the recital was the same day. Yay!

Still, the recital mattered more to me than these things. I’ll admit that it’s not that elite, but it’s still a goal that I had accomplished AND I was the only singer!

Only June was able to go my recital. We went out to eat first and the place we went had these delicious cotton candy drinks that looked so cool and had cotton candy on them. We also got to eat delicious Italian food. I am obsessed with Italian food and June is too. I guess that that’s just because we’re both Italian. Anyways, we both got fettichini alfredo (I spelt that so wrong I think. Whatever, I guess I’m not doing my heritage proud.) and it was absolutely amazing! After, June and I went to take some pictures and Snapchat our “Dad” (Funny story, we have this weird fake family thing going on… I don’t really know, it’s strange.)

Next we headed to the place which my voice recital would take place. It was in this beautiful hall with a stage and the acoustics were just great!

I rented out a practice room and June helped me practice. I was honestly so nervous! I had worked for this for so long and it was finally happening! What if I messed up? What if I choked onstage!?! What if everyone hates me?

Practice soon was over and I had to take my seat with the other performers. I felt sick! And I had to pee. I had to pee so bad. My fears quickly switched from forgetting words to peeing onstage. Even though I had to pee, I could not stop drinking water. It was strangely calming to me.

I was the only singer as I’ve previously stated, so I got to watch a lot of pianists and violinists.

There was this one kid who was in like fourth grade and he started playing this amazing and confusing piece! It sounded so hard to play and I was surprised this little kid could play it. I look at the program to see what piece he was playing and I realized that he wrote it himself. My jaw dropped! I could not believe it at all!

It made me feel even more nervous. These kids were all so good and then there’s me.

Finally it was my turn. I got up and the butterflies in my stomach just increased.

Thankfully my fears faded away as soon as I started singing.

My nervousness just disappeared.

Ugh, I sound so cheesy, but it’s true. I mean I had already known that this would happen because I’ve performed before, but the last recital I did (It wasn’t elite) I had lost my voice so my voice kept on cracking. It was sad and people were laughing at me so I started laughing which of course sounding like I was crying, but I got ice cream afterwards and no one I cared about saw my performance.

This performance went very well. My parents put a video of me singing on their FaceBook and it got like 70 likes and 20 comments about how amazing I was. I mad like 7 people cry with my amazing voice and acting! Not that I’m bragging or anything, okay I sort of am, but not really because 70 likes isn’t very much.

I got so many compliments on my way out, people loved me! Random people were recording me! (Okay, NOW I’m bragging!) It was so much fun and I was so glad I got to participate.

Stay Gold,




A Diary Entry

I really didn’t know what to write today so I decided to just write about my day today… I mean, why not? So, here we go!

Dear Diary,

Today was fine, I guess. I mean, I didn’t have coffee this morning, which is always horrible! I had a headache! And I fell asleep in three of my classes because of this problem.

Anyways, it was my good friend’s birthday today so I gave her reeses peanut butter cups and a pack of trident gum. I also posted a happy birthday thing on my Instagram as well as my Snapchat.

I will not lie, I was a force to be reckoned with this morning. I was sleep deprived and hadn’t got my shot of energy (coffee) this morning. Seriously, my body decided that the only way that I will ever be able to stay awake is if I have coffee in me! I wasn’t even trying to fall asleep! At least not in Math because I was trying to learn so I could understand it, but I kept on drifting off! We weren’t even learning a boring lesson that morning! It was giving me a headache to keep my eyes open because my eyelids were so heavy!

I was probably a bit rude to some of my friends because of my conditions. I was snappy all day, like a chiwauwaa. (what?!?)

Lunch today was bad because my mom didn’t pack me a spoon or a fork and the stuff my school uses to clean their utensils is simply disgusting so I had to give my salad to my friend Kylie! Thankfully my birthday friend brought in ice cream sandwiches so I didn’t starve to death!

After lunch, we were FORCED to go outside by our teachers, probably because they wanted to stay inside and gossip about us! I didn’t want to go outside! It was sort of cold out and I didn’t have a jacket so I had to put my hands in my shirt for warmth!

When we finally got back in it was time for Music class. We have to choose a song to sing as out eighth grade song. I’m pretty sure we’re going to Livin’ on a Prayer by Bon Jovi! At least that’s the one I’m voting for. I love that song! The class period was pretty fun because we got to listen to a lot of songs and just talk.

Next we had Religion, which was as uneventful as usual.

So, after Religion, Bell, Kylie, and Beyonce were standing outside by the lockers just talking about how the project shouldn’t be so rushed, like any group of friends, when a teacher approached them like, “What are you guys doing? Sounds like you’re gossiping?” Then this other teacher heard and got involved, “Is there a problem here?” Um no… and if there were it wasn’t any of your business! They weren’t even gossiping in the first place! Gossiping is spreading false rumors.

Then that teacher took things a step further and had a “chat” with Bell! It is really unfair of the teachers to keep on torturing her. Don’t they know she’s under enough stress already and you are probably not helping! Poor Bell.

After school I had guitar, which went smoothly, except for the fact that my parents forgot what time they had to pick me up and were an HOUR late! I basically spent this time just walking around town, hauling my guitar behind me.

Later tonight, June, Claire, and I went shopping for Polar Plunge costumes. (Polar plunge is where you jump into a freezing lake.) We are going to be synchronized swimmer. We all got cute one piece swimsuits and swim caps that we will glue flowers on for our costumes! It will be so funny!

Finally, I had voice tonight. I’m very excited because I made this elite recital and have to practice my songs for it!



So that was a day in my life. Hope you enjoyed!

Stay Gold,


The Notebook (Follow-Up)

Ok, so you probably read my last post and began to worry (once again) about my sanity. I’m sorry, I was not at all thinking straight. I was watching it with my best friend and we both started crying our eyes out! If you were there you would probably think our crying was the most pathetic thing ever. We were crying about trees and tissues near the end of our cry session. 

If you haven’t seen the movie go watch it right now, I doubt you’ll be able to relate to me unless you go watch it. I promise you that you will cry your eyes out. By the end of the movie I was not functioning correctly because I was so sad. I couldn’t even talk! 

I went onto my Snapchat memories, where I had saved a bunch of videos of Abby and I crying, and just started laughing!

It was pretty funny, but the movie is really sad. Just watch it and you will be in my position.

Stay Gold,